About Us

Welcome to KidsFerry! Let’s take you for a joy ride with us on who we are….

We are a young & passionate team with a vision to create a fashion niche for kids across the globe.

With a rich experience and passion to be the best in the industry, we started “KidsFerry.com” in early 2017. Along with a team of young, passionate and visionary people, we started as an all kids website where we provide you with the best quality cuddly cute clothes, adorable accessories and amazing toys. We aim at delivering quickly while keeping your pockets still heavy.

Our goal is to position KidsFerry as the most interactive online shop where you can find everything that your baby needs. We hand select our items and strive to bring to you unique, quality, and babylicious products that’ll keep you coming back time and again. We’re working on expanding our product line and delivering an even better customer experience than what we already do!

Whether you are looking for rompers or if you are looking for toys and accessories, Kidsferry has them all.

We are glad you found us!

Please let us know if you've got any questions! We’d love to hear you at kidsferry@gmail.com

Vision & Culture

Our values are the roots of our business.

At KidsFerry, we believe that the world is a fairly small place now that we’re all connected by internet. Though there have been numerous e-commerce shops, KidsFerry ensures you a unique collection of products and a totally satisfying customer experience.

We abide by our values and follow them. We aim at being the world’s most customer-centric company, where every Mom loves to hang out with her baby, where you can find, discover & shop the latest trends & innovative products at KidsFerry.

Our Service and Commitments

They say money can’t buy happiness but at KidsFerry every dollar you spend gives you a lot of happiness!

Adorable products at Affordable Prices

One of the basic reasons why we incorporated KidsFerry is to provide the best quality baby clothes and products to our customers at a most economical price. Unlike the conventional sellers, we don’t operate many physical stores with high rents, wages, and distribution overheads. We do not have any agents involved in the procurement process. Eventually, we are able to cut the unnecessary cost and we prefer to pass that benefit on to our customers.

We know the importance of safe, practical, and quality items for our most precious little ones.

And thus, you also find the safest and quality products with us.

Just like you kid, your online transaction on KidsFerry is totally secure with the highest levels of transaction security. We use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information while securely transmitting it by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault for payment processing. We offer Paypal as a payment gateway that is reliable and the safest.

Above all, if you ever don’t like our product, you can easily return it to us! We love the simplicity and so have a returns policy in your favor. Just reach our Customer Service Team and you are halfway through!

Being a customer-centric company, we always try to safeguard our customer’s interest. Just place an order and we will take care of everything.

With your kids on a roll, KidsFerry is indeed the name that you can trust!